Aegyptia Plume Fluid Makeup

Hydrating Fluid Foundation

Fluid "water in silicone" emulsion with a soft, silky texture. Immediate coverage thanks to perfect adherence to the facial skin and long-lasting hold. Its special formula, enriched with oils, silicones and UVA/UVB sun filters, makes this a water-resistant, no-transfer product. Its active ingredients - Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Panthenol - give an intense moisturizing, energizing and anti-ageing effect.

Available in 6 shades.

Aegyptia Fluid Concealer

High-coverage treatment concealer. In professional shades that neutralize any color dyscromia of the eye area: clear-beige for pale skins, clear-yellow for pale skins and purple eye circles, medium-orange for medium dark skins and bluish eye circles. It corrects accurately, does not need retouching during the day and covers without build-up, for a nude effect. Its fluid texture and excellent shading possibilities combine to give perfectly even, light color. It contains Vitamin A, Wheat Germ and Hyaluronic Acid for a restructuring and smoothing action..

Available in 3 shades.

Aegyptia Silky Touch Powder

Compact Powder

Silky touch compact powders. Their light silky texture creates very natural bases with medium coverage. They can be used instead of foundation for fresh, casual make-up, after making up to emphasize shade and highlights, or as a bronzing powder to revive tanned skin.

Aegyptia Loose Powder

Transparent Powder

The brand new formula of Loose Powder has been obtained thanks to the most modern production techniques, for extraordinary micronization. Its weightless and finest texture sets makeup perfectly without leaving traces and without highlighting skin's small imperfections.

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