Norel:  Bust and Decollete Skin Care

As the breasts are not supported by the muscles but only by the skin, breast skin is susceptible to flaccidity and loss of firmness. Breast skin is also vulnerable to sharp fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, sunbathing, mismatched underwear and a stooped silhouette.


In response to such problems, Norel has created an innovative, professional formula for skin care of bust, neck and decollete that is especially helpful during and after a slimming diet, during menopause and hormonal changes and after pregnancy and lactation.

Firming Cream-Gel for Bust, Neck and Neckline

This firming cream gel helps to strengthen, tone and tighten the delicate skin at the breast, neck and decollete while reducing and smoothing out fresh stretch marks. This cream gel also has a light texture and absorbs quickly, giving the skin a silky smoothness and firmness.