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GreenTec Makeup

The new DR.BELTER ® GreenTec Make-up is a revolutionary organic make-up collection. It combines a love of nature, innovation and forward-looking process technology in order to live contemporary respect for the physiology of the skin, the environment, and animals.

According to the DR.BELTER ® GreenTec Concept, it is based on precious natural ingredients such as nourishing natural oils, plant extracts and mineral pigments. It uses selected biological raw materials, if possible, from controlled organic cultivation and does without critical ingredients such as mineral oil, silicone oil, animal ingredients and non-sustainable palm oil as a raw material.

Extraordinarily nature-loving, nourishing textures make the daily small transformation with the subtle magic of the colors a pleasure – and with the certainty that the skin is unburdened.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic
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