Fluid Serum

Eye, Lips Fluid

Eyes Contour and Lips Fluid

Its muscle-relaxing action visibly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles while eliminating thinner lines around the eye contours and lip area. You may smile more freely: your eyes and mouth will no longer reveal the secret of your age.

MAT Fluid

Oily Skin Facial Fluid


Oily skin usually causes shiny patches and irritation. Regular use of MAT Fluid can effectively reduce sebum production. The skin becomes nourished and fresh, and more able to ‘breathe’. Contains Azelaic Acid which has an antibacterial action which is highly beneficial for acne-proned skin.

SPOT Fluid

Pigmentation Normalizer Facial Fluid


Dark spots and blemishes are a sign of aging and excessive exposure to sunlight. SPOT Fluid doesn’t simply even out the spots but also regulates the production of melanin and, in combination with the delicately exfoliating properties of AHAs, guarantees top results for a more even skin tone, brighter and smoother skin.

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