Dr.Belter Cosmetic:  Intensa

The >>intensa<< line has a range of masks which harmoniously fuse effectiveness and well-being together in a way that satisfies the skin's longing for a beauty impulse and the soul's desire for relaxation. Whether as an express treat applied before a shower or for long relaxation and enjoyment, >>intensa<< masks provide a wonderful nurturing experience, vitality and a fresh, refined complexion.


The >>intensa<< line also has a diversity of ampoules which are characterised by their unique purity and effectiveness. With a composition that primarily consists of natural ingredients, these ampoules can visibly, quickly and successfully redress individual skin problems. 

Cyromoist – Ultrafresh Refining Mask

Whenever the skin longs for moisture and refreshment, this cooling soft mask with the natural essences of mint and orange is the perfect choice. Carefully selected, partly organic plant extracts such as tormentil root extract are included for their pore-refining properties. Every skin type appreciates the effects of this mask in the summer time.

Hyaluronic Factor 5 – Aquasilk Hydroboost Mask

In this quick-lift mask, hyaluronic acid as a moisture-binding substance develops a fivefold effect. Its various forms are stored in the layers of the skin to fill in wrinkles and erase shadows. Natural actives, such as organic aloe vera, lactic peptides and vitamin E develop their caring properties, leaving the skin fresh and toned.

Lumination Secret – Radiance Performance Mask

Pure white mineral mask for the reduction of undesired skin pigmentation. The efficient formula combines the multifunctional plant complex Biowhite™ with further expert actives, such as bearberry extract, dioic acid, Whitespheres® and vitamin C to inhibit melanin synthesis. The keratolytic effect of Urea supports skin renewal for a flawless complexion.

Natura Vital – Rich Baobab Stay-On Mask

This creamy soft mask, enriched with organic oils from olives and baobab, evening primrose and argan oil is particularly suited to dry skin, quickly returning its suppleness. Vitamin A, E and B-complex develop their benefits such as protecting the skin from cellular stress and free radicals. See and feel your skin healthy and velvety smooth.

Oceanica – Silver Detox Mask

Extracts of Breton sea algae, pure sea salt and plankton are only some of the natural oceanic ingredients of this regenerating and firming Thalasso mask. A unique oligo-element concentrate and microsilver develop their detoxifying effect. The mildly stimulating character of this mask is a special care experience.

Phytocell – Vinotheraphy Cream Mask

In this mask the latest anti-aging actives such as fresh cells from carrots, phyto-stem cells from grapes, resveratrol and an organic grape leaf extract are combined to counteract the signs of aging. The specific formula stimulates the self-renewal potential of the skin and gives the best possible protection. Its smoothing texture leaves the skin with a velvety, radiant finish.

Special Gentle Mask

Irritated skin is instantly calmed by this herbal cream mask with a natural soothing complex. Selected phyto-extracts from the organic linden blossom and rooibos, liquorice root and bisabolol are used to diminish redness, strengthen the skin’s resistance and rebalance its condition. After this mask, the skin feels soothed and relaxed again.

Purifying Mask

This creamy express mask with natural clay is a beauty stimulus for a healthy and radiant complexion. It instantly develops its clearing and purifying activity. After this treat the skin is as fresh as the dew and looks visibly refined. Applied in the morning, the skin is fit for a beautiful new day. Applied in the evening, the skin is freed from the pollutants of the day.

Hand Cream

This pure white, gently fragranced emulsion leaves hands silky soft. It is economical to use, quickly absorbed and forms an invisible protective shield. The product should be applied one per week as a mask for dry and chapped hands – a thick layer is simply allowed to soak into the skin for about 10 minutes. »intensa« hand cream also contains an anti-tyrosinase ingredient to prevent skin pigmentation.

Throat and Décolleté Cream

An enriched special emulsion for intensive treatment of neck and décolleté. The unusual texture with skin-identical and natural ingredients such as sheabutter, milk peptides and Kudzu root extract are used to regenerate the skin tissue, while firming the entire bust area.

Soft Peeling

This vitalizing exfoliation gel removes dull, flaky skin cells, enhances blood circulation and improves the effect of following skin care products. The application refines the skin profile while revealing a fresh, smooth and even complexion. Soothing plant extracts, such as Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica prevent irritation and promote a comfortable silkiness.

Ultima Lip Care

A exclusive 360° lip care to complete our daily skincare regime – natural, caring lip gloss, anti-ageing, repairing for dry lips. Ingredients include radical scavenger Astaxanthin which is high in Vitamin E, pomegranate seed extract and tingling volume-activator Volulip®.

Nail Care Oil

Quality cuticle softening gel to help in soften cuticle and horny substance on nails.

Moisturizing Gel

A crystal clear gel, free of grease, suitable as a moisturiser for all skin types. Applied under the respective care cream it conveys moisture to the deeper layers of skin, improves and retains elasticity and cell turgor through the highly dosed natural moisture factor (NMF).

No. 1 Ginkgo Biloba (All Skin Types, Sensitive Skin)

Inhibits inflammation,  firming, smoothing, stabilises the blood vessels,  combats free radicals.

No. 2 Hy-O-Silk (All Skin Type)

Actively smoothing; very soothing and calming, restores moisture retaining, transparent silk protection against TEWL(transepidermal water loss), stimulates skin regeneration

No. 3 Vitamin-Ginseng (Mature, Dull Skin)

Improve tonus, stimulates blood circulation and skin’s metabolism, skin becomes emollient and soft

No. 4 Algae Extract (Damaged, Tired Skin)

Stimulates blood circulation, improves tonus, promotes granulation, moisturises and restores natural skin oils

No. 5 Regeneration (Mature, Sensitive Skin)

High level of enzyme activity, does not contain hormones, improve skin radiance, regenerative action

No. 6 Anti-Irritation (Red, nervous skin)

Anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing

No. 7 Aloe Vera (Delicate, Acne Skin)

Stimulates epithelium growth, slightly astringent, emollient, promotes granulation, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, scar repairing

No. 8 VinoTheraphy-OPC (All Skin type)

Improved actives assimilation, protects connective tissue from cellular damage, strong free radical scavenger properties, strengthens vessel tissue, improves nutrient and oxygen supply, inhibits collagen and elastin breakdown

No. 9 Adstringent (enlarged pores, damaged capillaries)

Astringent, closes the pores, contracts the capillaries, PEG free

No. 10 Peeling Special (All skin types, enlarged pores)

Exfoliative, enhances skin profile, smoothing, anti-inflammatory, deep intensive cleansing

No. 11 Caviar-Oligomer (all skin types, mature, fatigued, pale skin)

Restorative ampoule – life elixir from the sea, contains all biomolecules life needs, contains vitamins minerals and trace elements, restoring – promotes biological cellular growth, stimulating – enhanes blood circulation, invigorating – for fatigued pale skin, stabilises connective tissue, provides for higher elasticity, hydration and smoothness.

No. 12 Anti-Stress (thin, sensitive skin)

Protection and defense ampoule: soothing, balancing, promote regeneration, strengthens protection barrier of sensitive, nervous skin, relaxing through a special composition of essential oils, supports the physiological balance, avoids skin malfunctions, hydrating, tightening

No. 13 Lifting-Essence (all skin types, puffy, tired skin)

Strong instant tonus and turgor effect, intensive deep hydration, reduces undesired swellings, stimulates the build-up of connective tissue, accelerates the catabolism of fat, excellent make-up basis, tightening, hydrating, firming

No. 14 Physio-Energy (dry, dull skin)

Anti-aging ampoule, energy kick for all vital functions, invigorating, strong radical scavenger, makes chapped, rough skin smooth and soft

No. 15 Phytocell-Grenadine (all skin types)

Promotes skin cell longevity, strong anti-oxidant protects against UV induced cell damage, regenerating, reinforces the resistance of cells against stress factors, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, prevents irritations, promotes self-healing, prevents itching

No. 16 Hyaluronic Factor 5 (all skin types, dehydrated skin)

Lifting effect. Enhances volume from within.

  • Factor 1: short chain HA binds moisture in the deep epidermal layers

  • Factor 2: long chain HA binds moisture and reduces TEWL

  • Factor 3: encapsuled in spheres with retard release effect

  • Factor 4: a pre-stage of HA-acetylglucosamine supports HA production

  • Factor 5: plant extract boosts the skin’s own HA production

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