Dr.Belter Cosmetic:  Line A

With many young people and adults suffering from very seborrhoic skin alongside a tendency to the development of acne, Line >>A<< was developed to ensure gentle, effective treatment of this complex skin type. These specially designed product formulas help to counteract excess sebum production, excessively oily skin, development of blemishes, strong growth of acne bacteria and the resulting fatty acids which lead to the inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Line A Cream

A wonderfully relaxing care cream, suitable for day and night application. It is slightly astringent, calms irritated and reddened skin, papules and pustules, regulates sebaceous gland production and has a matt effect on the skin.

Line A Lotion

The cooling, calming lotion actively supports the cleansing of problem skin, resulting in a visibly clearer complexion. This skin type often shows alkaline pH values (pH 8-9) which can be regulated by this lotion to a normal healthy skin level (pH 5.5), fortifying the skin’s natural acid protection and buffer system.

Line A Cleansing Gel

This lime green cleansing gel, with its fresh lemon fragrance, is mild and calming, gentle and dis- infectant. A pleasant refreshment for combination and problem skin with impurities and prone to acne.

Line A Mask

The Line »A« mineral-based Mask actively supports speedy normalis- ation of skin with impurities, papules, pustules and reddened areas. The production of excess grease and increased acne bacteria is significantly reduced. This pro- duct can also be applied to indi- vidual acne pustules.

Line A Makeup

A special creamy make-up that offers excellent cover in three colour shades. This make-up supports the normalisation pro- cess for skin with a tendency to impurity, excess grease and acne, disinfecting and regulating the skin functions.

Clarity Concentrate

A powerful 2-phase fluid against pustules and impurities. The novel CDT-Complex is a cyclic molecule which releases fresh Tea tree oil on the skin and simultaneously absorbs excess skin sebum. Inflammatory processes are consequently dried up, disinfected and soothed immediately. An accelerated purification of the treated skin zone is the result.

Clarity Duo

A handy and effective 2-in-1 treatment for clearing and covering dermal impurities. It offers the possibility to treat skin with sporadic blemishes anytime and anywhere. The novel CDT- Complex releases fresh tea tree oil on the skin and simultaneously absorbs excess skin sebum. The creamy purifying make-up offers excellent cover to diminish redness and to obtain a calmer, uniformed skin completion.

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