Dr.Belter Cosmetic:  Line N

Products under Line >>N<< have mild, well-balanced product formulas which safeguard skin elasticity, moisture content, microcirculation and vitality while supporting the skin's natural resistance and ensuring that small faults are balanced. These products also have mild, fresh fragrances that make daily application a pleasure and are suitable for young, uncomplicated skin types and for newcomers to skincare with active ingredients.

Line A Cleansing Gel

Every skin type will appreciate this cooling cleansing gel with its pleasant fresh melon fragrance. Extracts of linden blossom and liquorice, allantoin and panthenol make this product ideally suited to calming all skin types.

Line N Lotion Orange

The fresh and invigorating fragrance of ripe oranges makes lotion orange a treat in itself. The plant extract complex with stimulating properties ideally supports facial cleansing, preparing the skin for subsequent care.

Line N Cream Marine

Slightly oily skin reacts well to this pure white, softly textured oil-reduced care cream with extract of ocean algae and sea salt. This product regulates the skin’s oils and calms without leaving a greasy film, making it popular with men and women alike. No preservative!

Line N Cream Vitagel C/E

A fresh cream-gel with moisture complexes and vitamins. As active radical scavengers vitamin C and vitamin E strengthen the defensive system of the skin and preserve a firm and youthful skin structure. The skin is protected from environmental factors and kept soft and smooth.

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