Biogenie Precious Extracts

Ampli Serum Au Lotus Bleu

Wrinkle filler w high molecular of hyaluronic acid

By using the original plant cells of Blue Lotus through biotechnology together with Hyaluronic Acid with High molecular weight, it effectively fights Glycation. Glycation damages collagen and elastin in dermis which causes pre-mature ageing. This serum gives an immediate effect to smooth out expression wrinkles, providing elasticity and radiance to the skin cells. In 3 months’ time, it fills up deep wrinkles. The skin looks younger and revitalized.

Ampli Serum Lys Blanc

Reduce pigmentation & even out complexion

The original cells of White Lily and Daisy to brighten up the skin, reduce pigmentation marks and bring out an more even skin complexion with intense moisture by Hyaluronic Acid!

Ampli Serum Rosa Centifolia

Creates skin lipids to lock in hydration

The original stem cells of the beautiful Cabbage Rose replenish the beauty of your skin! A remedy for ladies with dry and dull skin appearance; Ampli-serum Rosa Centifolia enhances the creation of lipids which is the important skin barrier to lock in hydration, reinforced protection and intercellular firmness; giving your skin immediate suppleness and radiant.

EJ 20

Anti-ageing serum w hyaluronic acid

Anti-ageing, Rejuvenating

Full of active principles, it repairs skin aging and sun damages. It visibly increases skin firmness and stimulates cellular activities to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Stimulating & repairing essential cocktail

Purifying and Healing Extract

An all-in-one serum with a high concentration of essential oils and natural plant extracts: Soothing, repairing, purifying, tightening pores, and improving circulation.


Firming & wrinkle-filler for eyes and lips

Eyes and Lips Care

A unique and concentrated formula has an instant relaxing effect on eyes and lips contours, lasting for over 48 hours: Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-oxidant. It is ideal to reduce puffiness and dark circles. No synthetic preservatives added.

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