Norel: Renew Extreme

Products under Norel's Renew Extreme line helps to rejuvenate and smoothen damaged epidermis while shallowing wrinkles and shaping the contours of the face. These products also provide a gentle lifting effect, improve the skin color as well as lighten and illuminate the skin.

Retinol H10 - Triple Active Rejuvenating Cream

This rejuvenating night cream is based on a light, highly regenerating formula that helps to moisturise and smoothen the skin, restoring the skin's lost firmness and elasticity.

Retinol & Vitamin C - Rejuvenating Serum

This silky, concentrated serum is based on light oils and is used as a restorative treatment for the night, This serum contains the highest concentration of retinol H10 and vitamin C, thus helping to rejuvenate, illuminate and promote the velvety smoothness of the skin.

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