Dr.Belter Cosmetic:  Sensi-bel

The >>sensi-bel<< line offers particularly gentle, meaningful skin therapy for people suffering from functional skin disorder and an impaired immunity system. These products focus on regenerating and fortifying the skin's protective barriers, reducing skin disorder and supporting the skin's balancing process. Suitable for very sensitive skin with disturbed lipid barrier function and eczema as well as skin with a tendency towards couperosis and its later stage rosacea.

Couperosis Compact Cream

Greenish, protective covering cream

A special cream for the local application on skin with a tendency towards red- ness, uneven skin tone and vascular frailness. It develops a pleasant calming effect and fortifies the skin tissue, pro- tecting the skin from environmental damage and weather changes. Its light green, viscous texture naturally neutralizes redness and unevenness. Couperosis Compact cream is tenderly patted onto the affected skin areas, underneath daily moisturizer.

Delicate Cleanser

The first step towards caring for delicate skin is calming the over- reacted skin with a gentle cleanser. This naturally coloured, soap-free gel is mild – but thorough – in its cleansing properties. It ensures skin calming and protection even during the cleansing process with the beneficial effects of panthenol and extract of liquorice root, oak bark, green tea and echinacea.

Delicate Tonic

The most gentle and refreshing facial tonic normalises the pH-value of the skin, calming and protecting. This honey-yellow, mild refresher tonic reduces skin irritations and makes the skin surface less susceptible to attack by irritants, enriched with NMF, factors, allantoin, extract of echinacea, aloe vera, witch hazel and oak bark.

Delicate Day Care

A unique, feather-light beauty fluid provides 24-hour care for sensitive skin. Using precious ingredients of the purest quality and DLS skin- identical base, this superb fluid enriches the skin with moisture, calms, smoothes, protects and leaves a beneficial, soft film on the surface of the skin. Contains no perfume and colorants.

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