Skincare Brands

Allure Skincare carries a variety of reputable brands from countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain, representing brands like Dr.Belter Cosmetic, Biogenie, Institute Milano, Aegyptia Milano.

Norel Dr.Wilsz

With over 50 years of experience, NOREL Cosmetics Laboratory is a company with a long tradition in professional care of face and body. The company is currently managed by Dr. Krystyna Wilsz, a biotechnologist by education and passion.

Through its collaboration with leading dermatological and cosmetological specialists, NOREL has developed new innovative recipes that meet constantly growing consumer needs with the use of both natural and active ingredients.


Dr.Belter Cosmetic

Dr.Belter Cosmetic was founded by Dr. Clemens Belter in 1979 for his wife Gertraud Belter, the owner of a school for beauty therapists. The very first line of products has much emphasis on efficacy and use only ingredients of the highest quality.

Today, the family-run brand is among the top ten beauty brands in Germany with a cult following and multiple awards under its belt. In 2011, Dr. Clemens Belter was also honoured with the Prix d’honneur de la beauté for his significant contribution to the development of products and services in the professional cosmetic field.

Biogenie France

Biogénie has been providing professional aesthetic treatments and equipment since 1993. Its slogan is “Pleased with the Result”, and has since then become a worldwide success. Biogénie is a progressive brand that evolves with the times through constant research and innovation. 

Institute Milano

Institute Milano has a holistic range of products for both retail stores and salons. This brand’s specialty is its full range of vegetal elixirs, allowing salons to provide more versatile and personalized treatments in accordance with the individual’s skin type.

With more than 100 integral phytocomplexes from the botanical kingdom of flowers, fruits and plants, the extraordinary essences contain natural sources of energy. As a result, your skin becomes healthier, radiant and restored.

Aegyptia Milano Makeup

By the using the finest raw materials and producing under stringent quality requirements, AEGYPTIA Milano Makeup is the choice for professional makeup artists.

Not only has AEGYPTIA been used in television shows, movies and theatre productions, fashion shows and photo shoots also employ AEGYPTIA for long-lasting effects.