Starpil is a prestigious international brand from Spain that specializes in hair removal products. Starpil wax is made of the best natural ingredients with innovative formulas.


Its roll-on hair removal applicator is patented and offers a wide variety of refills for different skin needs with convenience. The superior high titanium oxide content wax comes in Creamy Pink and Gold, which specially caters to people with sensitive and dry skin. Alternatively, the soothing Blue Azul Wax (in can) is to be used with spatula and traditional wax heater.

Low-Melting-Point (Hard) Wax is another high performance wax in Starpil. Additionally, Starpil has a full range of pre- and post-depilatory products designed to protect skin from dryness as well as delay hair growth. Starpil products provide complete care and the means to achieve smooth and silky skin.