Dr.Belter Cosmetic:  Sun

Free of mineral oil, colourants and fragrances, products under the >>sun<< line use a dual protection system consisting of proven UVA & UVB filters as well as biological cell protection complexes to protect the skin from the extreme stress and irreparable damage caused by intensive sun radiation.

After Sun Face Treatment

This sumptuous concentrate is a source of well-being for facial skin after sun-exposure. It soothes, rehydrates and offers the skin precious, natural actives. The specific composition promotes cellular repair and regeneration while preventing photo- aging processes. The skin regains its balance and soft texture revealing a radiant sun-kissed tan.

Sun Protection SPF50

This sun protection milk for face and body protects sensitive skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. The formula uses proven UVA & UVB protection ingredients, pigments as well as biological cell protection complexes. The non-greasy fluid texture is free of mineral oil, parabens, colorants and fragrance. Even while sunbathing, it provides moisture to the skin while effectively preventing sun-induced skin aging and the formation of hyperpigmentation.

If the influence of the sun light is to be shielded for medical purposes, SPF 50+ offers maximum effect and protection. Use SPF 50+ for children and for sensitive areas, like the face, shoulders, or décolleté.

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