Roll-On Wax

The patented roll-on hair-removal system imitated worldwide

Roll-on hair removers provide a non-aggressive way of achieving outstanding results.

The resins they contain enable them to be used at higher temperatures than low-melting-point waxes. The heat opens the skin’s pores in the same way, but because the strip is spread much thinner, the resin cools almost immediately without producing a burning sensation.


The product is then easily removed using STARPIL hygienic hair-removal strips. STARPIL ROLL-ONs’ high-performance active ingredients delay hair growth and leave skin moisturised and soft.

Warm Wax

Single use. Semi-solid at room temperature.

Made from rosin (pine resin) and vegetable or mineral oils. These sticky non-drying waxes are designed for use with Starpil hygienic hair-removal strips. Ideal for circulatory problems and tired legs.

Low-Melting Point Wax

Reaches melting point and honey-like texture at low temperature

STARPIL low-melting-point waxes are made from beeswax and high-quality rosins (resins). Some also contain titanium dioxide to give them a creamier and more malleable consistency at room temperature and lower their melting point, which makes hair removal easier for users with circulatory problems.

STARPIL’s highly effective and easily applied low-melting-point hair-removal waxes open up skin pores and grip hair firmly to make removal easier, extracting hair at the root to delay growth.

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