Wax Cosmetics

Pre-epil Gel 500ml

Fresh, light texture. Prepares and cleanses skin ready for hair removal. Aids hair extraction. Moisturises and softens. Eliminates skin dryness. Reduces post-depilatory irritation and ensures gentle hair removal. Antiseptic soothing effect.

Active ingredients: Menthol, Witch Hazel Extract, Alpha-Bisabolol, Essential Oil of Green Tea and Rosemary.

Usage: Always before hair removal.

Post-epil Retardant Emulsion 500ml

Outstanding toning and antioxidant emulsion. Stimulates blood circulation. The melon extract’s generous cocktail of vitamins, minerals and carotenes produces a triple moisturising, disinfectant and retardant effect.

Active ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Asiatic Pennywort, Melon Extract and Essential Oil of Cinnamon.

Usage: Always after hair removal.

Post-epil Oil 500ml

Calming analgesic effect. Flushes and heals. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Activates peripheral circulation. Oleic acid content helps reconstruct skin cell membranes. Tones and firms the epidermis. Removes left-over wax and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturised.


Active ingredients: Rosemary Oil, Olive Oil and Octyl Cocoate (Coconut Oil derivative).


Usage: Always after hair removal.

Post-epil Retardant Mousse 200ml

Easily applied and absorbed mousse that leaves skin feeling wonderfully fresh. Asiatic pennywort helps tone skin and stimulate blood circulation. Astringent properties. Effective moisturising. Calms, hydrates and desensitises. Delays hair growth.

Active ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Melon Extract, Essential Oil of Cinnamon and Asiatic Pennywort.
Usage: After hair removal and as part of a daily skin care regime.


Recommended as a delaying and regenerating treatment after laser hair removal.

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