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Allure Skincare About Us

Our Company

Allure Skincare Pte Ltd (since 1998) is an established distributor and supplier of European beauty products for beauty salons and spas. Based in Singapore, we carry reputable brands from countries such as Germany, Poland, Italy, France, and Spain, representing brands like Dr.Belter Cosmetic, Norel Dr Wilsz, BECOS, Biogenie, JMF, Institute Milano, Aegyptia Milano and Starpil Waxing. Our products are manufactured under strict European and international quality standards like Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These high standards ensure the safety of the products as well as the efficacy of treatments to be used on the consumers.

Additionally, we carry a variety of other treatment products including advanced treatment kit boxes, quality treatment masks, essential oils, massage oils etc. These products supplement professional treatments in order to achieve a holistic approach towards catering and caring for different clients’ needs.

Our Philosophy

Allure Skincare strives to be the most reliable and trustworthy product and equipment supplier in Singapore and in the region. We care about our relationships with our stakeholders: our clients, suppliers and staff team. As such, our core values can be succinctly summarized into H.E.A.R.T:

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Efficacy of products and treatments

  • Aids in marketing

  • Relationship-focused

  • Training and skill

With H.E.A.R.T., we are certain of long-term partnerships in the beauty industry!

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