Workshops & Events

Every year, new treatments and technologies are developed. Keeping track of them can be exhausting.

We keep track of things for you. We conduct many workshops and events to help keep our clients updated with the latest products and treatments so that you can focus on doing what you do best!

Norel Dr Wilsz Energizing Luncheon Seminar 2019

Do you know your ABCs? 

Launching Norel's Multi-Vitamin range which nourishes the skin with 8 essential vitamins to improve the skin's immunity and brighten up fatigued skin complexion.  

See how energetic our beautician clients became after they started a morning workout!

Dr.Belter Fusion Party 2018

Nowadays, we are living in a fusion world.

On the one hand, people want natural ingredients, yet are constantly searching for more advanced formulations. 

>>Bel Energen<< makes the best of both worlds by using Dr.Belter's GreenTec concept to fuse patented formulas with natural, partly organic plants.


Look out for the amazing Belisome®AP, a Dr.Belter exclusive ingredient made from avocado peptide that detoxes and energizes skin cells, only available in the >>Bel Energen<< Line. 

Norel Dr Wilsz  AteloCollagen Launch 2018

Every woman loves collagen because it is essential for beautiful skin.

AteloCollagen, an advanced formulation that speeds up the absorption of collagen into the skin without causing irritations.


Ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin.  The range includes ingredients like saltwater and sea algae, and aims to remineralize our skin cells to counteract damage from our daily stress.

Training Workshops

We also hold training workshops once a month to demonstrate the latest treatments and products of our brands.


It also acts as a platform where beauticians can share their tips and experience.

Come and join us by registering with our friendly sales team at +65 6883 0313, limited space available!

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