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Intensa-Med Ultra Sensitive

In the case of hypersensitive skin, the balance of skin functions is disturbed. Due to its reduced immune system, it reacts quickly with irritation, redness, a feeling of tension or itching. This can have very different causes. Stress, environmental factors, unfavorable diet, diseases such as a tendency to psoriasis or neurodermatitis, as well as improper care can trigger overreactions in our largest sensory organ.

"Moody", hypersensitive skin results in a lack of well-being. Therefore, this type of skin requires special, coordinated care products. The [Ultra-Sensitive] products are a source of relaxation and well-being for this difficult complexion.

They are particularly effective due to the patented, skin-identical cream base which regenerates the lipid barrier, as well as selected natural active ingredients to intensively soothe the skin. They are fragrance, dye, and preservatives free.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic
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