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Line A

Many young people and adults suffer from severely seborrheic skin with a clear tendency to acne. This problematic complexion is triggered by internal factors of the metabolism (e.g. puberty, hormonal imbalances). These internal factors cannot be influenced by cosmetic applications.

However, the after-effects of the metabolic imbalances can be successfully combated and treated with special cosmetic applications and preparations. Examples are: Excessive sebum production, overfatting of the skin, formation of impurities, strong growth of acne bacteria and the fatty acids formed by them, which can lead to inflammatory processes at the exit of the sebum glands, must be reduced both vigorously and considerately through regular use and be normalized. For the gentle, effective treatment of this complex complexion, extremely effective special preparations are available within line »A«. They have been selected and coordinated with the greatest care.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic
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