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Mi-Skin Products

MiSkin 3D Vegetable Soft Masks

3 types available: Carrot Vitamin A, Cabbage Vitamin B & Cucumber Vitamin C masks

This ever-green series of soft masks are algin-based, which enhances the skin’s suppleness and firmness. A unique quality this mask has is its use of real vegetable and natural substances to correct skin problems like anti-ageing, skin redness and whitening. It contains zero perfume and is very suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

MiSkin Age Defying Firming Eye Mask

For salon and retail use

Eye care is always important in both salon treatments and home care. This mask contains an all-in-one formula: hydrolyzed collagen, rice bran proteins, soy protein and precious plant extracts. It ensures brightness and firmness around the eye contours, and prevents dilation of capillaries to counteract dark circles and puffiness.

MiSkin Everyday Beauty Masks

4 types available: Whitening Mask with Collagen, Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid, Tonifying Mask and Rebalancing Mask

This series of paper gel masks contains essence of collagen or vitamins to cater towards different skin conditions. The essence can be used first for facial massage to let the ingredients fully absorbed into the skin before the mask is placed on. You can witness the super hydrating results as the skin becomes calmer and fairer. It has been used by many salons and aesthetic centres to give an immediate soothing effect after treatments such as laser, IPL, dermo-abrasion, etc.

MiSkin Aroma Massage Oils

3 types available: Uplift, Peace and Warm

A premium blend of pure aroma oil with natural base oil to provide effective body massage. This massage oil is economical and saves investment in both time and money as now you need not buy and blend a variety of essential oils for your salon’s use. Lavender and geranium ensures a good nap during the massage. To relieve burdened minds, you may prefer a sweet scent of orange and rosewood, or if you prefer a deep muscle massage, an oriental mix of lemongrass and peppermint would be preferred. It’s all your choice!

MiSkin Pure Essential Oils

9 types available; retail and cabin size

For trained aroma-therapists who may prefer creating their own blend of essential oils for treatments, we have a list of pure essential oils for your perusal. The uses of this range is wide: it can be used for face or body care, for body massage with a base oil, for room aroma with a burner, or for home care such as adding a few drops into a bath tub to enjoy the aroma during a hot bath.

If you wish to know more, please contact us for the products description.

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